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    How to delete Mac clutter files from pendrive

    Ever saved something from a Mac to a pendrive, then put that same pendrive into a PC? Notice all those annoying ‘hidden’ Mac system files cluttering up the drive? If you right-click on the drive in Windows Explorer and search for the following: FINDER.DAT,___Move&Rename,DESKTO~1,OPENFO~1,TheVolumeSettingsFolder,Desktop*,.Trashes,.DS_Store Check, then delete them. Bingo! By the way, I think you get a similar load of clutter files on a Mac when you slot in a pendrive from a PC too.

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    Handheld TV production

    Done it! I’ve managed to use the Nokia N93 to capture, record and publish video which is good enough for broadcast on TV as well as the web. OK, what I’ve made is only ten seconds long, to work around ShoZu’s 4MB upload limit, but it worked. Here’s the clip on YouTube and here it is on Blink.tv. (These two links should launch in a new browser window.) (GM 2017: Blink TV changed its terms of service, so this has now been removed from that platform.) The only kind of editing I’ve managed on the Nokia so far is to mark new In and Out points on video clips and…

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    I had an interesting day in VideoForum 2007 at London’s Earl Court on Tuesday. Here are three products/newsbytes that may be of interest to digital storytellers: 1. Edirol R09 portable audio recorder looks ace. When I chose the M-Audio Microtrack, Edirol’s products could only capture audio at 44.1k and I needed 48k, because this is the native rate for audio for DV video. What the R09 seems to offer above the Microtrack is a more robust built-in microphone, replaceable battery and the chance to add reverb at the point of recording, which may be useful if you’re recording music. There’s a discussion, camparing the two at thesession.org 2. Adbobe Soundbooth.…

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    Edit images online

    Here’s a chart comparing the features of ten browser-based online image editors: Snipshot, PXN8, VicImager, Picture2Life, Cellsea, Phixr, NetImager, Image Author, nexImage and LookWow: http://www.smileycat.com/miaow/archives/online-image-editors.html The most useful feature on my wishlist is ‘crop to target size’ and it’s unfortunately not one of the features compared here.

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    Thin-client networking

    I’ve been following the Ndiyo story for some months now. It’s a way that many people can share just one computer and one internet connection by using Linux’s multiple-users capability and a ‘magic box’ plugged into the ethernet connection. Then, each user needs only a keyboard, mouse and screen. The single internet connection can be via a cellphone. Here’s 200 seconds of explanation of a set-up in South Africa via a YouTube video: http://www.ndiyo.org/news/attridgeville I’d be interested in exploring such a set-up for a Digital Storytelling workshop.

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    Someone else’s kit

    This is a checklist for someone who’s been asked to train people at a centre to make a digital story and to leave some skills behind so people at that centre can continue to make stories after the initial trainer’s moved on… I wouldn’t expect every machine at most centres in this country to be capable of producing video. That may not be a problem though. Here are examples of questions to ask about the computers: – got both Firewire and USB 2 ports? – got more that 512MB of ram? – got soundcard and video card? – got hard drive of more than 40GB? – got DVD burner? –…

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    Video camera training for digital storytelling

    If you’re planning to train people to include video clips in the form of ‘pieces to camera’ in their digital story or ’short’, there’s a lot people need to learn: – how to feel comfortable and come across as well as they can on camera – how to say something that’s engaging for the viewer – how to set the camera up to record video – how to set the camera up to record audio – how to frame their shot and not move or zoom the camera – the possible importance of taking covering shots and to tell the full story in the overall visual narrative – etc., etc.…

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    Audio Storytelling Legacy Setup

    Someone asked me this week about setting up and training people to run audio storytelling workshops on someone else’s equipment. It’s best to be prepared for the unexpected. The biggest challenge is often the fact that machines are ‘locked down’ by the administrator. To work around potential permissions issues when working on computers in community cyber cafes, libraries and educational establishments, buy a dozen, fast, USB memory sticks. Paste some portable applications in one directory on the stick and make another directory for people to record their sound. There could be a third directory containing the ‘tutorial audio’ which everyone will use to learn to edit audio together. Then ask…

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    Streaming Media Europe presentation

    Presentation at Streaming Media Europe 2006 about Managing Digital Assets, taking Digital Storytelling as a case study, by Gareth Morlais – BBC Wales Digital Storytelling. Digital Stories are two minute personal films created by the storyteller, using their own photos words and voice. Slide 1 – The Any List Rights management becomes easier if you brief authors before production. Digital Storytelling is no different to any other form of content production. Here’s the advice we give: ANY photos or clips of ‘other people’s children’? ANY sensitive issue involving a third party in relation to violence, abuse, sexuality, unhappy family background, marital problems, privacy, fairness, etc. which might cause hurt to…