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    Streaming Media Europe presentation

    Presentation at Streaming Media Europe 2006 about Managing Digital Assets, taking Digital Storytelling as a case study, by Gareth Morlais – BBC Wales Digital Storytelling. Digital Stories are two minute personal films created by the storyteller, using their own photos words and voice. Slide 1 – The Any List Rights management becomes easier if you brief authors before production. Digital Storytelling is no different to any other form of content production. Here’s the advice we give: ANY photos or clips of ‘other people’s children’? ANY sensitive issue involving a third party in relation to violence, abuse, sexuality, unhappy family background, marital problems, privacy, fairness, etc. which might cause hurt to…

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    Streaming Media Europe

    I’m speaking in London on Friday and the subject of the session is Managing Digital Assets, taking Digital Storytelling as a case study. A new concept I’ll be introducing is that of Dream Deliverables. I won’t say too much before the event, but here’s a link to two of the presentation’s key slides.

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    Mass Media 2.0

    Today, we’re still in the first phase of broadcasting in Britain: Mass Media 1.0, where the content agenda is being firmly ruled by the broadcasters. Currently, broadcasters’ portfolios are being drawn up by too few people and audiences are not yet getting a diverse and surprising enough portrayal of life on their TV screens. What we need on TV in Britain is to make the change to Mass Media 2.0, where the audience originates a higher percentage of the broadcaster’s ‘agenda’. We’ll then be in a position where broadcasters are more able to act as facilitators, commissioners, and clearing/publishing houses for content made and submitted by their audiences, as well…

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    Slaves tell their stories

    Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves. Arkansas Narratives Part 3. Published Washington 1941 http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/13700 William Guess, Memphis, was 68 when interviewed by Irene Robertson Persons in the late 1930s: “I was born in Monroe County, Arkansas. Father come from Dallas, Texas when a young man before he married. Him and two other men was shipped in a box to Indian Bay. I’ve heard him and Ike Jimmerson laugh how they got bumped and bruised, hungry and thirsty in the box. I forgot the name of the other man in the box. They was sent on a boat and changed boats…

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    Online audio recording tools

    If you want to post an audio blog on the move or are desperate to record a voice track for a digital story, but don't have access to voice recording facilities on the computer you're using, here are three sites which will let you record audio via your phone: http://www.gabcast.com – The free package seems to offer plenty. You can use London voicemail number 0207 1002530 (UK, London number with very smarmy voice asking for account number) and VoIP. http://www.gcast.com/ – Free. Two ways of making an audio file: uploading your own mp3 file and dialling a US phone number. There's podsafe music available for use too. http://www.hipcast.com/ – This…