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    Christmas Wren Hunting in Wales – Hela Dryw

    Hela Dryw – Hunting the Wren is a Welsh Christmas tradition enacted on Twelfth Night. Villagers hunted and killed the wren and carried its body in a decorated ‘house’. They called from door to door and people paid money to peep at the dead bird: The wren is no longer killed today for Hela Dryw (or Hela’r Dryw as it’s sometimes called). Using a Nokia N93, I filmed this re-enactment at the National Welsh Folk Museum’s Nadolig festival last week.

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    Community Voices digital media grants

    Digital storytellers will be interested to hear that one £500 award per week is available between now and March 2010. That’s what Community Voices has to offer those in England using digital media to help empower disadvantaged communities: “Media Trust is always looking to celebrate the varied and inspiring ways you are using digital media to help empower disadvantaged communities. And now Community Voices has 20 x £500 awards to give away before the end of March 2010 – that’s one every week.  If you’re helping to give your community a voice through digital media we’d like to hear from you, and so would many other communities seeking help. Projects…