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    70 years ago today

    “June 5 1944: The call has come at last. We are on our way to the greatest invasion ever, feeling very cool and collected. I pray to be given the strength to go through this like a man and not loose my nerve, and hope that I may return to my little family who are so dear to me.” – John Emrys Williams This is how my Taid (Welsh for grandfather) began his diary entry¬† on that dawn of the day of the Normandy Landing in WWII. He was a signalman on board HMS Diadem and he kept a diary about his life on the ship which I’ve published and…

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    Is there photo-archiving software that does this?

    I need to start getting a grip on my digital archives this Christmas. It would speed things up if there were a piece of PC software that does this: It lets you either lassoo or CRL + click select a bunch of files and then select year > month > day so that file something.jpg gets renamed 20071123-something.jpg and other selected files get the date at the beginning too. I’ve used Lupas rename in the past, but it doesn’t quite do what I want.