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    Edit images online

    Here’s a chart comparing the features of ten browser-based online image editors: Snipshot, PXN8, VicImager, Picture2Life, Cellsea, Phixr, NetImager, Image Author, nexImage and LookWow: http://www.smileycat.com/miaow/archives/online-image-editors.html The most useful feature on my wishlist is ‘crop to target size’ and it’s unfortunately not one of the features compared here.

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    Thin-client networking

    I’ve been following the Ndiyo story for some months now. It’s a way that many people can share just one computer and one internet connection by using Linux’s multiple-users capability and a ‘magic box’ plugged into the ethernet connection. Then, each user needs only a keyboard, mouse and screen. The single internet connection can be via a cellphone. Here’s 200 seconds of explanation of a set-up in South Africa via a YouTube video: http://www.ndiyo.org/news/attridgeville I’d be interested in exploring such a set-up for a Digital Storytelling workshop.