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    Telling your story in a taxi cab

    I’m working at the Urdd National Eisteddfod – a major European youth festival – in Aberaeron, Wales, this week. Colleagues from the BBC Welsh-language children’s news programme Ffeil have been recording viewers’ stories using an adapted London black taxi cab as an experiment here. It’s not something they’ve built themselves; it’s been hired in. The cab contains a video camera which starts recording onto a flashcard as soon as someone opens the door and sits in the cab. Question prompts can be given either on-screen or, in the case of Ffeil,  by a presenter off-camera.This taxi strikes me as a fleet-footed story capture device. The best way to use this would…

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    Participatory Video Facebook group

    George Metaxiotis sent me an invite from Greece today to join the PV:RF Participatory Video Facebook group. It’s described as “a networking forum for anyone involved in participatory video research – especially community based research.” So I wanted to share the link with you here: http://tr.im/FcCq The group’s only three months old but it already looks like a good way to link up with PV projects around the world. E.g. Chris Blythe posted a wall message about his ‘Inspired Productions’ in New Zealand/Aotearoa: “We’re developing our work to include drama and music media. Current project is supporting refugee youth from Burma and Bhutan to produce content for our national museum, Te…

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    On Top of the World

    That’s the title for a 30-minute documentary TV programme my colleague Melanie Lindsell has made with young Welsh climber Tori James about her attempt to climb Everest. The programme goes out on BBC Wales on 6 May (see below) Melanie’s an experienced Video Nation producer and she’s also had success with longer-form documentaries using the self-authored ethos of Video Nation. Because I knew the kit would need to be lightweight, durable and able to work under harsh conditions, I asked Mel about the cameras and batteries she gave Tori. Here’s Mel’s reply: BBC Mini DV Camera: Panasonic NV-GS150 ·        Weighs 400grams – they were able to hang it on a…

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    Decisions decisions

    If you’re starting out in digital storytelling, you face  some fundamental decisions that will determine or be determined by equipment and software you have access to. I’m not going to give many answers today, but I’ll come back to these in future. It’s just useful to be aware of the scope… What kind of computer am I going to use: Apple or PC? Or am I going to use a device like a mobile phone? Am I going to work in Standard Definition or High Definition? Which operating system am I going to choose: Windows, Apple, Linux? Will I launch the operating system from the comupter hard drive or will…

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    18 things a digital storyteller needs

    I’ve just updated my shopping list here: brand new Aberth Digital Storytelling Resources It’s actually the first page of a brand new sister website to this blog. Aberth Digital Storytelling Resources is a response to what a number of people have asked for: a site that brings together in one place all kinds of equipment and software that digital storytellers will find useful. I’ve chosen to focus on items on sale on eBay because it’s a great way of presenting current resources (like flashcard portable audio recorders) alongside discontinued software (like the digital storyteller’s old favourite Adbe Premiere 6.5 which can be installed on both Macs and PCs). I hope you…

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    Digital story shopping list

    We looked at workshop space in the last post, today it’s the kit. You want to bid for funding to set up a digital storytelling project, but you’re not sure what you’re going to need? Here’s a list to build from of examples of equipment needed to run digital storytelling and participatory media workshops. The kit specified below is all portable so, as long as extra trained personnel are available, workshops can be held in external community spaces as well as in the Workshop base. Here’s the shopping list: laptops with software to capture/edit/show video, image and audio with mains leads and spare batteries. I think Apple computers have been…

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    Dream digital storytelling digilab

    If you’re planning to set up your own digital storytelling or participatory media project, you’ll need somewhere to hold your workshops. You can base yourself at one venue or roam around using existing community facilities as venues. Here’s a solution which has the capacity to combine the two scenarios. If you’re making a bid for funding, good luck. The overall vision is a space where members of the public can go to get help to make their own video and audio which the can be broadcast and published on the mass media. Here are the required features: accessible by public transport. parking nearby for loading equipment. ground-floor room of 440 square…

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    Five things to plan for in a digital storytelling post production session

    You’ve been invited to help a group of digital storytellers to post produce their stories at the end of their workshop or course. Here are some things to think about when you prepare your digital storytelling post production. 1. know your ‘deliverables’. Have a list of things you need to take away from the digilab and make sure you go home with them. It’s good to have this printed and hand it out or pin it to the wall. I use my Dream Deliverables list as a guide. (Gosh, that page is being linked to now, it’s Number 1 for that search term in Google today) 2. have a Plan B,…

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    How to delete Mac clutter files from pendrive

    Ever saved something from a Mac to a pendrive, then put that same pendrive into a PC? Notice all those annoying ‘hidden’ Mac system files cluttering up the drive? If you right-click on the drive in Windows Explorer and search for the following: FINDER.DAT,___Move&Rename,DESKTO~1,OPENFO~1,TheVolumeSettingsFolder,Desktop*,.Trashes,.DS_Store Check, then delete them. Bingo! By the way, I think you get a similar load of clutter files on a Mac when you slot in a pendrive from a PC too.

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    Handheld TV production

    Done it! I’ve managed to use the Nokia N93 to capture, record and publish video which is good enough for broadcast on TV as well as the web. OK, what I’ve made is only ten seconds long, to work around ShoZu’s 4MB upload limit, but it worked. Here’s the clip on YouTube and here it is on Blink.tv. (These two links should launch in a new browser window.) (GM 2017: Blink TV changed its terms of service, so this has now been removed from that platform.) The only kind of editing I’ve managed on the Nokia so far is to mark new In and Out points on video clips and…