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    Digital Storytelling Innovations for my Storytelling for a ‘Just’ Future presentation

    I’ve been invited to give a presentation about digital storytelling innovations at the Storytelling for a ‘Just’ Future conference this week. The DST Conference Committee is hosting this conference as an online 24-hour Digital Storytelling ‘marathon’ on the 21st and 22nd of June 2021. There should be some great creative conversations and environments for discussion. The presentation I’m giving is called: ‘Digital Storytelling 2001-08, some innovations’ I’ll talk about the new digital storytelling forms I first encountered in 2001 Daniel Meadows saw Dana Winslow Atchley III’s Home Movies at a course run by Joe Lambert & Nina Mullen of the Center for Digital Storytelling, now Storycenter, in California. He invited…

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    Heartfluttering Digital Storytelling in Romania

    I’m delighted to have been invited by Alexandra Danciu of https://www.universum.ro to make a presentation about Heartfluttering Digital Storytelling at GoTech World at Romexpo in Bucharest, Romania, on Thursday 3 October 2019. See GoTech World. I’ll reflect on some of the things the 700 or so people who made their digital story with the BBC taught me about crafting cracking stories; stories that make the fluff on your forearms tingle. Here’s an outline of the session: From ‘stunning’ to ‘swooping’, Gareth shares persuasive lessons he learned from his time with the innovative BBC Digital Storytelling project.  How to.. 1. Add swoops of scale so your audience’s imagination zooms out from…

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    Recording of Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan students reading some of the names of WWI participants from Abergele

    As part of Cofia Abergele Remembers, one of the websites I produce AbergelePost.com, worked with local historian Andrew Hesketh and Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan learners to list and record the names in audio of all the people of Abergele (a seaside town in north Wales) and surrounds who participated in WWI. I’m proud to have produced this project in my hometown. Click the triangle at the top-lift of this Soundcloud widget to hear part of the audio recording. Here’s a list of students who made the recordings: Jordan Harwood Chloe Merrison Anna Humphreys Teigan Thompson Scott Carney Alice Naylor Chantalle Cox Eleanor Lloyd Iwan Coghlan Cian Hanna Mike White Ben…

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    Digital storytelling contract: call for quotes by Social Care Wales

    I’m grateful to Dr Emily Underwood-Lee of the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling at University of South Wales, Cardiff, Wales, for sharing this call to quote from Social Care Wales. They want to receive quotes for the following piece of work from digital storytelling projects. I’m pasting the bilingual text verbatim here: Stories around the Act: Digital stories Overview In order to inspire practitioners to work in new ways, we’re looking for real-life stories about positive ways of working, as part of our work to support the implementation of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 (the Act). The purpose of the project is to capture stories that…

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    What is a digital story and digital storytelling?

    Six features of the digital story we helped people to make as part of the BBC Capture Wales and Cipolwg ar Gymru digital storytelling project, which ran from 2001-2008 at BBC Cymru Wales were that the digital story is:  a video of about two minutes duration 2. a personal, usually true, story written and voiced by the individual  storyteller 3. a “considered narrative” (Daniel Meadows) usually scripted by the storyteller (c250 words) or proactively told, not reactively in response to a media professional’s questioning 4. illustrated with 20 or so of the storyteller’s own photos or images – sometimes including a short video clip – edited together by the storyteller to make…

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    70 years ago today

    “June 5 1944: The call has come at last. We are on our way to the greatest invasion ever, feeling very cool and collected. I pray to be given the strength to go through this like a man and not loose my nerve, and hope that I may return to my little family who are so dear to me.” – John Emrys Williams This is how my Taid (Welsh for grandfather) began his diary entry  on that dawn of the day of the Normandy Landing in WWII. He was a signalman on board HMS Diadem and he kept a diary about his life on the ship which I’ve published and…

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    Four new Cardiff hyperlocal websites

    Here’s news about four new Cardiff local websites I’ve just started developing… I’ve been running two hyperlocal websites in north Wales for a couple of years now. I started writing about growing up in Abergele online in 2001. Then a Cardiff local blogging explosion in 2010 inspired me to take things up a notch and move the site to wordpress  at http://www.abergelepost.com. I’ve been so pleased with how this site has turned out, thanks largely to our contributing editors David Huges with 63 posts, Dennis Parr with 14, Nigel Hinton with 8 and John Bowman with 3. My second site is a Welsh-language one all about my birthplace Colwyn Bay.…

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    7 diary dates for UK digital storytellers in Jan & Feb 2014

    Information Session on the new Creative Europe programme MEDIA Antenna Wales and Media Academy Wales present an information session on the new Creative Europe programme at the University of South Wales, Atrium Cardiff Campus on Thursday 16 January 2014. ================================================== Guardian Masterclass on video journalism and digital storytelling Learn what it takes to create powerful and engaging video journalism – technically and editorially – from multimedia journalists who have made hundreds of short films for the Guardian. Dates: Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 January 2014 Times: 10am-5.30pm In London ================================================ Social Media Exchange – Enhance your Digital Storytelling By sounddelivery Monday 27 January 2014 from 09:00 to 18:00 in London…

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    Is there photo-archiving software that does this?

    I need to start getting a grip on my digital archives this Christmas. It would speed things up if there were a piece of PC software that does this: It lets you either lassoo or CRL + click select a bunch of files and then select year > month > day so that file something.jpg gets renamed 20071123-something.jpg and other selected files get the date at the beginning too. I’ve used Lupas rename in the past, but it doesn’t quite do what I want.