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Life as a transgender person – digital story

Jenny-Anne Bishop explains what life was like as a transgender person growing up and living in Wales. She talks about the difficult experiences she has had with her family as a result of her transition.

It’s one of four digital stories made by StoryWorks for the Equality and Human Rights Commission Wales and I first saw it at their workshop for journalists and programme-makers called ‘Not just another statistic‘ on 17 January 2011 in Cardiff.

Guardian columnist Juliet Jacques spoke about trans-related portrayal challenges and Romani journalist Jake Bowers called for the media to stop being so shockingly racist when covering Gypsy and Traveller Community stories. Jake works with the Travellers’ Times – an organisation that has had a strong presence and a stall at Aberystwyth digital storytelling conferences DS2, DS3, DS4 and DS5.

As a two-minute way of getting a first-person point of view across, digital stories work better than any amount of powerpoint slides. It’s great to see this form being used as way of pressing for change in media portrayal and in increasing wider understanding of some of the people who are most likely to experience discrimination in our society.


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