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Tokyo: New Horizons of Digital Storytelling

Every year, Media Exprimo and University of Tokyo organise several seminars looking at different forms of media expression and participation in Japan, Asia and beyond. Click on the Japan tag of this blog for background.

Digital storytellers with an interest in digital storytelling’s international perspective will be interested to hear about this year’s grand event: Mell Expo 2011 in Tokyo on the weekend of 19 & 20 March 2011.

There are sessions giving an overview of media literacies in Japan, one which includes a presentation by Media Exprimo’s Shin Mizukoshi of University of Tokyo and other renowned experts entitled ‘Global Alliance and Local Media Biotope’.

The ‘New Horizons of Digital Storytelling’ session sounds especially fascinating. It’s a panel session, chaired by Yuko Tsuchiya of Hiroshima University of Economics. The speakers are John Hartley of Queensland University of Technology, Masaaki Ito of Aichishukutoku University, Akiko Ogawa of Aichishukutoku University and Kiyoko Toriumi of University of Tokyo.

For updates about Mell Expo, do follow Shin Mizukoshi and Akiko Ogawa on Twitter. They tweet in Japanese but using Google Translate can help give a valuable glimpse into the fantastic international digital storytelling work being done in languages other than English.

With a group of University of Tokyo students on campus

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