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DS6 digital storytelling conference advance notice of date and call for speakers

DS Cymru has announced on its blog that the “DS6 International Digital Storytelling Festival will take place on Friday 17th June 2011 at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales“.

DS Cymru’s Esko Reinikainen is calling for “suggestions for our speaker and breakout sessions long list”. Deadline for submissions is Monday 14th February and the form is at Booking details for delegates will follow.

I met DS Cymru member and head of Aberystwyth Arts Centre Alan Hewson over the weekend and he’s really looking forward to this sixth annual get-together. Another digital storyteller who’s looking forward to the event is Daniel Meadows who’ll be in Aberystwyth this summer.

All in all, DS6 will be a fantastic celebration of digital storytelling in Wales, Europe and beyond and I’m looking forward to meeting people there. I hope you can make it too.

Historical footnote: DS5 (2010), DS4 (2009), DS3 (2008), DS2 (2007). The record of DS1 (2004) is unfortunately no longer online.

Another footnote: good luck to everyone who’s attending
The 4th International Conference on Digital Storytelling: Create – Share – Listen in Lillehammer this month
. Speakers include Pip Hardy, John Hartley, Glynda Hull, Joe Lambert, Knut Lundby, Bjarke Myrthu, Simon Strömberg and Rami Al-Khamisi. It’s great to see such a flourish of fine European digital storytelling events this year.

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