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Hacio’r Iaith – hacking the Welsh language

I spent Saturday in Aberystwyth at Hacio’r Iaith – the second annual Welsh-language code camp. Highlights included:

  • A fantastic one-hour crash crowd-sourced creative session aimed at translating newly-out-of-copyright Welsh poet Gwilym Deudraeth’s work into multimedia, digital stories and more. This session was very  well facilitated by Carl Morris of NativeHQ. Here’s a summary of the work, including a ten second video based on Deudraeth’s englyn about Gandhi which took me twenty minutes to make and publish using Zoom H2, JayCut and YouTube.
  • Meeting some enthusiastic people, including Telsa Gwynne, who translated Linux Gnu into Welsh, and her husband Alan Cox, a Linux pioneer who’s been someone I’ve admired for some time.
  • Witnessing the launch of Umap in Welsh – by Rhodri ap Dyfrig and partners in the Gwlad y Basg –  which offers Pynciau Llosg (Trending Topics) and  a feed of Welsh-language Tweets.
  • A viewing of some of Harry Meadows’s work at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. This was a duck’s eye view on a CG stream outside London gliding past picnickers and peacocks on the banks.

As the day came to and end I was startled by swirling black clouds of thousands of starlings coming to roost under Aberystwyth pier as the sun set, bathing Cardigan Bay in an orange glow.

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Photo by Bryn Salisbury, diolch.

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