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Jason Ohler’s new book

The author of the classic ‘Digital Storytelling in the Classroom’ has finished writing his latest book.  On 31st October 2010, Corwin Press will publish Digital Community, Digital Citizen by Jason Ohler:

“It looks at the rise of digital communities, the evolution of citizenship (local, global and digital), the complications (and opportunities) arising from kids communicating in cyberspace and how education can help prepare students for a world that will need them to use technology effectively, creatively and wisely. Topics addressed: character education for digital kids, how school boards need to respond to everything from sexting to cyberbullying, how to help teachers and students ‘see’ the technology that has become invisible to them and make wise choices about its use.”

I’ve followed Jason’s writings online since before 2007 and I was delighted to be able to hear him speak at the DS3 digital storytelling conference in Aberystwyth in 2008. He tells me he’s now about to ‘retire’, yet he’s about to jet off to China for some speaking/teaching engagements. I wish Jason all the best with his new book.

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