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Animating StoryCorps interview

“The things we all share are pretty much the things that bring us together”. That’s how Jamillah Knowles began her piece about StoryCorps. I was listening to the BBC Outriders technology podcast this week and really enjoyed the StoryCorps interview. The programme’s presenter Jamillah talked with Mike Rauch, who’s making animations of some of these audio stories.

I don’t know whether or not this podcast is downloadable outside the UK, but here’s a link to the 12 MB mp3 file of this episode.

Annie and Danny PerasaThe story by Danny and Annie at the start of the sequence was really moving, especially when I heard that Danny had passed away since recording his story. I just wanted to send my condolences to Annie and hope she’s doing OK. Here’s a link to the page on the StoryCorps website which features Danny and Annie’s story.

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