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See how trees could improve your local area with a new tool that helps get them planted.

Before and after virtualisation owned by Woodlands Trust.The Woodland Trust has launched a new civic campaigning tool called MyView that will be of interest if you feel your neighborhood could benefit from having some trees planted there.

Step 1 take a photo of an area near you which you feel would benefit from some trees
Step 2 upload it to the site and drap-and-drop some virtual trees to the view to make it look nicer. Caption your work by maybe adding a story about why this is a place that’s special to you. Personal stories are a powerful tool in getting things implemented, as we learn from Patients’ Voices’ health-related stories.
Step 3 send a link to that new greener view to your local councillor, Member of Parliament, Assembly Member and local paper.

Thanks to Rory Francis at the Woodlands Trust for letting me know about this. Background/press info in English and Welsh.

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