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StoryWorks workshop, May, Cardiff

StoryWorks has been established to support public service organisations interested in using people’s stories to improve what they do. It’s based at the University of Glamorgan’s Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care and led by Karen Lewis, former Capture Wales project producer, who says: “Stories offer huge potential to reveal what people really experience from service providers, and what they actually want.  First hand accounts, in people’s own words, can be a uniquely powerful way of ‘hearing it like it is’.”

Here are the details of the the workshop from the website:

StoryWorks is running a three-day digital storytelling workshop in Cardiff, Wales, from 6-9 May 2009. This is a great opportunity to learn the techniques of digital storytelling with experienced facilitators from the former BBC award-winning Digital Storytelling team. In a small group of participants, you will work with the facilitators to prepare a script, record your voice and work with your own photographs/images to create a short multi-media piece (a digital story), using computer technology.

You will produce your digital story on a subject of your choice and will receive a copy of your story on DVD following the workshop. This is a chance to learn new skills and create a multi-media piece that could be very valuable to you as an individual and/or your organisation.  The cost is £475 for the three days, lunch and refreshments are included.  Places are limited and payment must be received prior to attendance on the workshop.

I worked closely with Karen, Carwyn and Lisa with Capture Wales and they’re all fantastically skilled and experienced digital storytelling practitioners. Attending this workshop is a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

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