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StoryWorks: Looking for the Story workshop

Delivered on April 28, Pontypridd, Wales, by Gilly Adams and Georgie Meadows, who say:

“To be effective practitioners and offer compassionate and good care, we need to be able to see each patient as a special and unique individual…Using pictures as our starting point, we will explore how we can be more aware of the stories of those who cannot tell their own.”

The cost of this half day workshop is only £30 and there are details here.

StoryWorks has a new website at with mainly health-related digital stories about OCD, ADHD, cancer, etc. This organisation has also done work with explanatory storytelling. For example, they worked with the National DNA Database to tell a story about how information from DNA swabs is stored and used. You can watch stories on the StoryWorks website.

Led by Karen Lewis, it’s a fabulously talented, likeable and experienced team (declaration of interest: I’ve worked with many of them) and if you’re looking for people to guide you through the benefits of storytelling and stories in your organisation, it would be worth contacting StoryWorks.

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