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Digital Storytelling in Nordic countries

I had a query recently from Liz Milner, Bristol, via Mandy Rose, asking about digital storytelling in Scandinavia and northern Europe. Here’s a list of the ones I could think of; please feel free to add others using Comments:

Hanne Jones, Christer Fasmer and Eli Lea of Digital Fortellinger . See also the end of this blog post for more in English about that project. Lisa Heledd, formerly of the BBC Capture Wales team has trained trainers in Norway.

The European Center for Digital Storytelling is part of the CDS and they have a Ning Group. You need to join (free) to read and post.

CDS has run other projects in the Nordic Countries, including Deltagarden. There’s an English synopsis halfway down this page.

The Swedish Disability Network has run digital storytelling activity called MediAbility. See also this page.

Knut Lundby of the University of Oslo contributed to ‘Story Circle: Digital Storytelling around the World’, Edited by John Hartley and Kelly McWilliam. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell 2009.

Simon Stromberg, Sweden The City of Stockholm, Culture House, Shahrazad
Project. This is more of a story exchange than a digital storytelling project, but it’s still worth investigating. Simon was one of the presenters at BBC Wales’s Digital Storytelling Conference back in 2002.

Aske Dam is a Norwegian professor who’s worked extensively in the East. His work on the use of keitai (mobile phones) in Japan is fantastic and, having met him twice here in Wales, when I visited University of Tokyo I was delighted to learn he’s held in high regard in Japan.

In March 2010, an academic journal called Seminar, has a special edition about digital storytelling. This journal is published by Lillehammer University College.

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