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Digital storytelling on the high street

Wouldn’t it be great if you could pop in to get some expert help and make your own digital story while shopping in town? Well, during August 2010, if you’re lucky enough to live in Newcastle in the north-east of England, you can.  Culture Shop is Culture Shock‘s empty shop arts project which not only screens digital stories but also offers expert facilitation for people who’d like to make their own digital story. Some take their own photos to tell their story; others choose from a range of artifacts from museums and galleries of the  North East England.

I visited Culture Shop while we were visiting my wife’s friend Grainee in Newcastle this weekend. Grainee told us about the project and offered to take me to see the shop. I was bowled over – every high street should have a place like this to screen and produce digital stories. Culture Shock never ceases to impress me and their Culture Shop is fab.  What better way of increasing digital inclusion than a drop-in like this?

Exterior Culture Shop, Newcastle UK

Cath Walshaw of Culture Shock with a Roman helmet

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