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The ideal venue for your digital storytelling workshop

This is the first in a mini-series of four articles on about the ideal spaces for your digital storytelling workshop.

Easy access for people with disabilities to all rooms is essential, including toilets and eating-places.
Also – there needs to be reasonable access and parking for the vehicle you’ll be get-in and get-out equipment. Ideally, parking close by for people driving to the workshop. If this is not possible, then people need to be informed of the nearest public car park. The venue should be accessible by public transport.

Here’s a cribsheet, a checklist of things to look out for when choosing your venue:

  • Nearby parking and public transport
  • Accessibility for wheelchairs with no trip hazards
  • Two large-enough rooms:
  1. main one undisturbed all day and able to be blacked out (made dark) with sufficient chairs and tables
  2. voice-recording room to be quiet with nice acoustic
  • Breakout space is nice to have too.
  • Security issues thought about
  • OK to leave your equipment overnight. (I.e. no basket-weaving class booked into venue in evenings)
  • Power points
  • Ask about cost of hiring venue and payment method
  • Catering – times and numbers of people for teas/coffees and meals.

Between the formal booking and arriving for first day…

  • you’ll need contact details for keyholder and make arrangements for unlocking and locking
  • specify seating layout and placement of tables
  • firm up any additional requirements like screen, flipchart, etc.
  • confirm catering arrangements: times, locations
  • think about extras like bottled water and glasses for storycircle
  • if you’re lucky enough to have a refreshments budget, ask the venue’s caterers about keeping a running tab at the restaurant till
Vulcan pub Cardiff
The Vulcan Pub in Cardiff, which has since been moved brick by brick to the St Fagan Folk Museum

Written and first published by Gareth Morlais on 1 July 2009

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