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Coromandel Digital Stories, New Zealand

“It excites me that I can be part of this new age.  Words, pictures and music if anything can lift the sprite and engender enthusiasm” – Joan van Oosterom (87)

More than 70 Digital Stories have been produced since the project started in January 2008 by the Coromandel Community Digital Storytelling Project. It’s an initiative to record, preserve, and share the history and stories of the Coromandel community using Digital Storytelling. It’s all about creating lasting impressions.

Workshop equipment includes:

6 shuttle computers (20x20x30cm)
Adobe Premiere Elements software
Cano Scan 8800F scanner (scans slides and negatives as well as photographs and documents)
Projector & speakers
Sound recording equipment
Discovered via a presentation by Vanessa James.

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