digital storytelling,  mobile

Using a mobile phone to tell a story

The three production phases on mobile are:
1. capture
easiest of the three, but the author needs to decide which forms to adopt
2. edit
(a) on the phone, limited scope but it’s possible to mark ins and outs on clips and assemble them on the phone.
(b) on computer. Technical issues include formats, conversion, standards, etc.
3. publication
(a) ftp via 3G connection using software like ShoZu or MobyExplorer to private ftp server,, YouTube, etc.
(b) via lead, card reader, wireless or bluetooth to a computer connected to the internet.

Vloggers have been doing this for years, of course. What’s changing is the video quality on phones like the Nokia N93:

  • Video: 640×480 pixels, 30 frames per second
  • Audio: 48kHz, AAC stereo
  • A one-minute .mp4 file is around 20Mb

So you can now hold in your hand a device that’ll enable you to capture, edit and publish your own TV.

Now that’s exciting!

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