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The personal, social and environmental impacts of technology and media

I mentioned Jason Ohler’s new book ‘Digital Community, Digital Citizen‘  last year.   Jason’s just emailed me, saying:  “I thought you might be interested in my article about digital citizenship and character education, in the new issue of Educational Leadership. It echoes a number of points from my book”

The article’s called Teaching Screenagers – Character Education for the Digital Age . One of the challenges Jason sets out is tantalising: “Imagine how differently a school district might behave with the following goal in place: Students will study the personal, social, and environmental impacts of every technology and media application they use in school.”

I quite like the converging-lives approach of  teaching about technology hand-in-hand with its wider impacts on society.  I hope you enjoy reading Jason’s article.

Jason Ohler's book
Jason Ohler's book
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