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Stories that work with the sound turned off

photo cc by Mooganic via Flickr. Thanks Which personal storytelling forms work well with the volume turned down?
This question’s inspired by opportunities presented by ‘A Wall is a Screen‘, kiosks in public places and public shopping-street screens like the one in Cardiff city centre, pictured by Mooganic.

If you know of ‘silent’ short-form’ visual personal storytelling forms that passers-by find engaging enough to stop and watch, please let me know in the comments or by emailing melynmelyn at gmail dot com. I’ll share them in a future post. Thanks.

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Written and first published by Gareth Morlais on 25 June 2008. Since I wrote this Buzzfeed has refined this form by their use of subtitle and by making videos square so they don’t rotate when you move your phone. (GM:2 December 2017)

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