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The ideal production room for your digital storytelling workshop

This is where the digital stories will be made.  There needs to be enough space, tables, chairs to accommodate all the equipment and people. Power points along two sides of the room makes safe rigging easier. It’s good if it has natural light and ventilation but’s essential it can be made dark enough for images from the data projector to have impact. E.g. some kind of blinds or curtains for blackout.

If you’re running a workshop – as opposed to one-to-one – set the furniture out classroom style, in rows, facing the screen. Allow adequate space for the data projector to show from the back of the room. There also needs to be sufficient space in the room to accommodate additional equipment (scanners, printer, camera chargers, etc.) and to allow trainers to move comfortably between storytellers.

On different days, this main room may also be used for briefings, image capture and script sessions. If used for storycircle, up to 14 seats arranged in boardroom style seems to work well.

It may need to be locked and alarmed if equipment’s left overnight.

This is the second in a mini-series of four articles on about the ideal spaces for your digital storytelling workshop.

The Media Conte Kani team
The Media Conte Kani team

Written and first published by Gareth Morlais on 3 July 2009

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