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Four new Cardiff hyperlocal websites

Here’s news about four new Cardiff local websites I’ve just started developing…


I’ve been running two hyperlocal websites in north Wales for a couple of years now.

I started writing about growing up in Abergele online in 2001. Then a Cardiff local blogging explosion in 2010 inspired me to take things up a notch and move the site to wordpress  at I’ve been so pleased with how this site has turned out, thanks largely to our contributing editors David Huges with 63 posts, Dennis Parr with 14, Nigel Hinton with 8 and John Bowman with 3.

My second site is a Welsh-language one all about my birthplace Colwyn Bay. has been a project which has enabled me to pilot proofs of concepts in the Welsh language. This is really important to me as there are 50+ papurau bro (community newspapers) in print form, and this fantastic volunteer-led energy needs the tools to be able to migrate online too.

Over the last few months, I’ve started developing four new sites about areas of north Cardiff where I now live: Llandaf, Llandaff North, Fairwater and Radyr.

I’ve just done what I suggest to anyone who’s setting up a new local blog. I’ve let OpenlyLocal, the Centre for Community Journalism and the Media Trust’s Local360Network know about their existence.

The hardest thing now is going to be finding the time to maintain the links to develop these sites.




Digital Storytelling Influencers – an update

I posted this list of influential digital storytelling practitioners, projects and analysts earlier this year, and asked the question ‘who’s missing from this list of 43 digital storytelling influencers?’.

The latest (not final) list on the right hand side of every page in this blog takes on board some of the suggestions sent and comments people made. It’s still quite a personal list so I haven’t added every single suggestion; and not everyone suggested had a natural site to link to. So the 43 has grown now to a 52-card deck of cards. Thanks to Jon, Nicole, Fred, Clodagh and Sarah for their suggestions.

Who’s missing from this list of 43 Digital Storytelling Influencers?

As part of the process of redesigning this Aberth Digital Storytelling blog, I decided to look again at the links from the point of view of listing some of the digital storytelling people and projects who’ve influenced me over the years. Here’s the first draft. I know I’ve left many people off this list. If there’s someone from the field of digital storytelling you’d like me to consider adding, please use the Comments system to let me know.

Staff of National Library of Wales accepting the BBC Digital Storytelling archive for safe keeping
Staff of National Library of Wales accepting the BBC Digital Storytelling archive for safe keeping from Digital Storytellers Dai Evans, Rhian Cadwaladr and Alan Thomas at DS4 in 2009 in Aberystwyth, Wales.