Brymbo workshops

Rural Wrexham Digital Storytelling is running a series of digital storytelling workshops between 27 April – 12 May. The project is being co-ordinated by Northern Marches Cymru with support from staff and students at Yale College.The Brymbo workshops will run on April 27 and 28, May 5, 11 and 2.

Details from Clare Lightfoot on 01978 298382, or by e-mail at

Source: Wrexham Evening Leader

Cardiff City FC – Kick into Reading

There’s a programme about storytelling on BBC TWO Wales in May that sounds interesting. Here’s the advance publicity:

In a unique project Cardiff City FC*, Cardiff Library Services, and the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling, Atrium – each with new homes in the nation’s capital just opened or about to open – tell and teach stories to local primary school children. Cardiff City FC – Kick into Reading. Alfresco/Boomerang 1 x 30 BBC TWO Wales. Prod: Liz Lloyd-Griffiths.

* soccer club

StoryWorks workshop, May, Cardiff

StoryWorks has been established to support public service organisations interested in using people’s stories to improve what they do. It’s based at the University of Glamorgan’s Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care and led by Karen Lewis, former Capture Wales project producer, who says: “Stories offer huge potential to reveal what people really experience from service providers, and what they actually want.  First hand accounts, in people’s own words, can be a uniquely powerful way of ‘hearing it like it is’.”

Here are the details of the the workshop from the website:

StoryWorks is running a three-day digital storytelling workshop in Cardiff, Wales, from 6-9 May 2009. This is a great opportunity to learn the techniques of digital storytelling with experienced facilitators from the former BBC award-winning Digital Storytelling team. In a small group of participants, you will work with the facilitators to prepare a script, record your voice and work with your own photographs/images to create a short multi-media piece (a digital story), using computer technology.

You will produce your digital story on a subject of your choice and will receive a copy of your story on DVD following the workshop. This is a chance to learn new skills and create a multi-media piece that could be very valuable to you as an individual and/or your organisation.  The cost is £475 for the three days, lunch and refreshments are included.  Places are limited and payment must be received prior to attendance on the workshop.

I worked closely with Karen, Carwyn and Lisa with Capture Wales and they’re all fantastically skilled and experienced digital storytelling practitioners. Attending this workshop is a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

Aberystwyth DS4 Festival advance details

Here are the latest details about the fourth annual festival of digital storytelling in Aberystwyth, Wales, on Wednesday 17 June 2009, from a press release from Aberystwyth Arts Centre:

Following on from the success of DS3 the fourth festival of Digital Storytelling DS4 aims to inspire and encourage and show the exciting possibilities of Digital Storytelling and brings you up to date with what is happening in the world of Digital Storytelling.

Whether you work in education, the community or as an artist, it is your opportunity to share experiences, explore new creative ideas, see the latest technological developments, look at examples of best practice in the U.K. and worldwide and celebrate the growing significance of Digital Storytelling

The Digital Storytelling movement is based on the belief that everyone has a story to tell and that new technology has opened up many opportunities to tell those stories on websites, DVD screens and terrestrial TV.  Digital Storytelling has been pioneered in Wales through the BBC Capture Wales project.

– Inspirational speakers
– Breakout sessions with key organisations
– Workshops
– Trade stands
– Projects/Funding Opportunities/Technology/Networks
– Digital storytelling Showcase, showing stories from Wales and the UK

Festival Ticket costs £14.50, including tea/coffee and buffet lunch.

Accommodation is available on the university Campus 01970 622772 or town accommodation.

Two ages of media literacy

Reinforcement of the importance of creation* in media literacy today by Jason Ohler:

  • Media Literacy 1.0 – the era of mass media – concerns the ability to identify and evaluate the techniques of media persuasion.
  • Media Literacy 2.0 – the era of digital participation – the ability to identify, evaluate and apply the techniques of media persuasion.

* OFCOM defines media literacy as: “the ability to access, understand and CREATE communications in a variety of contexts”.

Papurau Bro: coming together to fold

Papurau Bro are Welsh-language local newspapers written by, edited by, folded & stapled and distributed by community members. They’ve thrived for three decades or more and I’d say that digital storytelling in Wales has drawn inspiration from the spirit of Papurau Bro.

In my current (2009) role as executive producer of I was interviewed by Rhodri ap Dyfrig for his tech blog metastwnsh. I’ve long been a fan of Rhodri’s work in screening short films via Pictiwrs yn y Pyb.

Before the interview began we discussed our shared admiration of the way Papurau Bro are made in concert by the people featured in the stories and wondered what might happen if this grassroots news movement took up video and its online publication as a way of brining the coverage up to date. I later refered to this in the interview (Welsh article, hover mouse over words in this version to get sense). And one reader’s comments seemed to endorse this, suggesting workshops be organised for Papurau Bro volunteers.

I wonder what local Welsh You Tube channels would look like. Local news, heritage pieces, personal stories, etc. Next step would seem to be for Papurau Bro activists to get together with Wales’s established digital storytelling practitioners to make a pilot.

wales photo
Photo by ohefin

Written and first published by Gareth Morlais on 11 April 2009