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“What has been important for you in your life?”

That’s the question Hanne Jones and Eli Lea from Flimmer Film asked as they went from door to door at old people’s homes in Norway. The answers they were given were as different as the people they met.

‘My Days’ is a collection of 37 memories told by people between the ages of 79 and 104. These digital stories are in Norwegian with English subtitles and they’re each around three minutes long. The music’s beautiful and the storytellers’ voices have such warmth and, at the same time, gravitas that they took me by suprise and brought a tear to my eye.

Watch, for example, Alf telling the story of his very first love.

My First Love from My Days on Vimeo.

And Margit being hugged by her brother Jon who tells her “You’re the best sister in the world.”

These are the stories we need to listen to and give people the opportunity to tell. ‘My Days’ is a model every society needs to consider. These are the stories that need to be recorded before it’s too late.

See the stories and meet the storytellers at

Thanks to Lisa Heledd for letting me know about ‘My Days’ and congratulations to Flimmer Films for this important work.

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  • Eli Lea

    Thank you for the kind words about our work! Working on the My Days project has been a fantastic experience. We are so grateful to all the storytellers who let us share their stories. We hope that My Days can inspire other digital storytellers to go out and do the same.

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