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Vulcan Pub, Cardiff

Stories are as much about the place where they’re shared as anything else. The walls of the old Vulcan Hotel in Cardiff have heard some gems over the years.
My favourite Cardiff writer is John Williams who, I believe, is a regular drinker here, along with other Anglo-Welsh writers like Des Barry (who himself is a fan of digital storytelling). The pub’s been marked for demolition to make room for car parking in January 2009. There’s objection here to the removal of an important Cardiff landmark. There’s been talk of re-building it brick by brick at St Ffagan, the Welsh Folk Musem.

The Vulcan was packed to the gunnels just before last night’s Wales v New Zealand rugby game. The stories and tall tales were flying there last night. We need to hold on to the spaces where we share stories and I hope the Vulcan can survive the developers’ JCBs.
Vulcan Hotel Pub Cardiff


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