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Three essential online tutorials

I had an email this morning from a student at Albany, NY, USA, who’s making a digital story for a college assignment. He was writing to ask about online tutorials. Here are three that came to mind:

1. > DS > DS Tutorial. Daniel Meadows goes into the software and the key steps to building your digital story. There’s also a fantastic pdf guide to making a story using iLife on this site.

2. – BBC Scotland’s model is a little bit Video Nation and a little bit Digital Storytelling. The tutorials take you through the steps involved.

3. – Current TV was a pioneer in giving engaging step-by-step tutorials. They also talk about getting consents and clearing rights for publication, which are often overlooked by other sites.

If you’re using iMovie or Windows Media Maker to make your digital story, just Google for tutorials for now and  I’ll round up the best ones in future.

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