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Telling hyperlocal stories using Facebook comments and photos

What if people’s stories and photos about places on Facebook could be more easily be found and navigated? That’s what Nicky Getgood (@getgood) of Talk About Local and I mused about between presentations at #DS7.

One of the hyperlocal sites I edit – AbergelePost.com – is a lively local history site with committed contributors. When I set the website up, I did what many hyperlocal editors did and set up a supporting Facebook page. A few months ago, a new Facebook group about Abergele was created. This group is a much more lively forum with many users exchanging memories and photos of the town.
The difficulty with Facebook is that it’s hard to navigate this content in any way other than spooling back in time in a linear fashion.
So my question is this: how can the stories and photos about place on Facebook that members post be more easily be found and navigated?

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