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Simon Collinge

Simon Collinge has been a pioneer and a champion of Digital Storytelling in Wales for the past seven years and he’s leaving Yale College Wrexham this week to go freelance.

Sometimes, when you’re setting something new up, you need someone high up who ‘gets’ it, who says ‘yes’ and covers your back when change threatens your very existence. That’s what Simon’s been so good at doing in Wrexham. He’s recruited some top Digital Storytelling facilitators and supported their growth and the growth of their project to the impressive point where the Yale Centre for Digital Storytelling is today.

I can’t make it to the farewell party tomorrow but I know it’ll be a good one. He tells me he intends to play an even more active part in Digital Storytelling in Wales now he’s leaving this post. So I’ll lift a glass here in Cardiff to toast Simon Collinge’s freelance future.

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