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Rami Malkawi needs people to make a digital story with his new prototype

Rami Malkawi is a Jordanian University of Glamorgan PhD researcher and he needs our help to try out his new wizard-based digital storytelling prototype for learning.

The tool works on most computers that can have Adobe Air and Flash installed and is a step-by-step digital storytelling ‘machine’.

The 30MB executable file is available from this SpeedyShare link or by clicking the link at the bottom of the first post of Rami’s blog.

The tool’s wizard guides users through the Seven Elements of Digital Storytelling in a user-friendly way. Camtasia screen-capture software has been used to publish additional video tutorials on the blog. These guide users through the steps needed to make a digital story with this tool.

Rami’s now at the test/refine stage and I know he’d really appreciate hearing back from people who download and make a story with the tool. You can use the Comments form on Rami’s blog to do this. These comments and the stories made with the tool may form part of the evidence for his PhD Thesis.

In Wales, Communities 2.0 GEECs are among the testers; I’m looking forward to making a story with the tool; in Jordan, Rami’s conducting face-to-face trials right now.

All Rami needs now is for people around the world to download, make a story with the tool and give feedback. If you make a story, please send me a link too so I can highlight some here.

Rami’s project blog.
More about Rami on this blog.


  • Mohamed Mhereeg

    Hi Rami,
    I have used your system to create a simple project. The system is useful, interactive, and user-friendly. However, I believe that it would be a more user friendly if the following comments are considered.
    – There is no need for the BACK button in the welcome window as it is not functioning and does not actually take the user a step back.
    – There is a long gap between the buttons.
    – The open/create new project page:
    – Does not have an OK button in order to confirm the selection.
    – Does not allow choosing the location in which the user can save the project.
    – Does not allow cancelling the open/create the project step (i.e. CANCEL button needs to be provided)
    – The system allows users to start creating a project even before choosing a title for the story.

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