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Penyrenglyn screening

Fantastic screening at Penyrenglyn Primary School yesterday afternoon. This was the final screening of the Rhondda Lives! project and it’s amazing what a legacy of digital stories remains after Katrina Kirkwood’s time leading this project for Valleys Kids. More than 75 have been made in 2007-9.

One of the films, ‘Libraries in the Miners’ Lives’ by Margaret Thomas shows how these stories can give a fresh perspective and challenge assumptions. Margaret says it’s wrong to heap praise on mineowners by giving them labels as ‘philanthropists’. Mineowner David Davies may have helped fund Aberystwyth University but he sat back and watched his workers having to fund their own education by contributing their own hard-to-spare pennies every month to add books to the miners’ library. It’s this personal take on history that adds to the factors that makes digital storytelling such important documents or documentaries.

You can see some of the Rhondda Lives! films on theValleys Kids You Tube channel.

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