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    How to use ‘swooping’ in your storytelling

    I made a presentation to Cardiff Geek Speak this month about ‘swooping in storytelling‘ and they asked me to put my presentation online. I haven’t put the whole thing here but I have highlighted  out one section, which looks at some of the elements that make up… A great story  E.g. Walking with Maurice by Hanne Jones on the BBC Capture Wales website. ·         Starts with one incident and work out from that. ·         Has a clear point of view (Hanne’s was a personal take). ·         Makes you give a damn – I can’t define how to do this, but I did care for Hanne and her Granddad. ·         Has the stepping-stone-effect: when you reach the other bank you…

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    DS8 digital storytelling conference review 2013

    Digital storytellers from as far afield as Japan to Norway and from Egypt to Canton gathered together in Cardiff on 14 June 2013 for the DS8 digital storytelling conference. The host, Karen Lewis, co-director of the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling thanked the sponsors – the Arts Council of Wales – welcomed everyone on behalf of DS Cymru and introduced the first guest speaker. (All speakers’ biographies are on the DS8 site) Personal factual participation & collaboration are themes running through Mandy Rose‘s Video Nation, Capture Wales and academic career. Speaking of her time with BBC Video Nation, she said: “I think the veto we gave Video Nation diarists to opt out of…

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    The guilt every photographer feels

    Photographer guilt stems from the disarray of our photographic collections on various devices and  lack of legacy archive planning. Back in the day when we used film and had our photographs developed and printed, there were two things that were different from today’s digital image world. We were more careful about the images we captured because there was stock and production to pay for. We could put our hands on our proudest images because we’d move them from the developer’s envelope into photo albums and scrapbooks. Today, we snap more images. They’re kept on different places: phones, cameras, storage cards and drives, hard drives, laptops and in the cloud. It’s…

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    Storybird is working on multilingual story-sharing

    I was delighted to read the news in Guardian Education about “E-publishing and digital storytelling” They say Storybird harnesses “the power of great art to stimulate creative thoughts and writing and could be used in any language”. Well, now Storybird is working on a soultion. It would be great to see, for example, Welsh-language stories being made and shared on this platform. The Guardian also gives honourable mentions to the Book Creator app and to Puppet Pals, Sock Puppets and Strip Design where students can design and make their own comic strips.

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    Running a personal storytelling workshop with a large group

    This article is about running a storytelling workshop with a large group. Canadian digital storyteller Kent Manning contacted Barrie Stephenson and I recently with a question: “I’m conducting a digital storytelling session next month for a group of 26 educators. I value the story circle part of the process as this is the way I was taught by the folks at CDS. Would you have any suggestions for conducting story circle time with such a large group? Would you have individuals share their stories with the large group? Small group sharing perhaps?” Here’s what I suggest: 26 is a big group. You could either split it into three and hold…

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    The Storycenter has a brand new blog

    Here’s some good news from Storycenter: they’ve just launched a new blog. It begins with seven categories. The number seven relates back to the number of steps in Storycenter’s digital storytelling guide. Here’s how Allison Myers – southwest director – sets out these categories: Owning Our Insights. We will feature CDS staff reflections on workshop experiences, stories or projects, or our own stories from time to time. We may also include reviews and opinion pieces on books, articles, and movies. Voices from Around the Table. Because sharing stories sparks stories, we want to hear from others. Look for interviews and guest reflections or opinion pieces. Updates from the Field. This section is more resource…

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    Call for Speakers: DS8 #digitalstorytelling festival in Wales

    There’s a call for papers and speakers at DS8 – the 8th Annual Digital Storytelling Festival in Wales – from organisers the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling, which is part of University of Glamorgan’s Cardiff School of Creative & Cultural Industries. Following on from the success of DS7 last year (CDS, Cowbird, Historypin), DS8 will be held at Chapter Arts in Cardiff on Friday 14th June 2013. A wide range of attendees is expected: from practitioners to researchers; from community workers to students. Proposals are invited to present either an academic paper or to run a workshop or a break-out session. Deadline for submissions of 300-word abstracts is Friday…

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    News from CDS of Digitalstorytelling conference in Ankara, May 2013

    Here’s an exciting announcement from the Center for Digital Storytelling about CREATE, ACT, CHANGE: 5th International Digital Storytelling Conference and Exhibition. 8-10 May, Ankara, Turkey. The venue is Beytepe (Tunçalp Özgen) Conference Center, Beytepe Campus, Hacettepe University, Faculty of Communication, in Ankara, Turkey. There’s a call for speakers, papers, digital stories for screening and exhibitors on the conference website. The submission deadline for 400-500 word abstracts and stories for screening consideration is 15 February 2013. Deadline for full paper submission for peer reviewed publication is 30 June 2013. Full papers should be between 5000-7000 words including bibliography and your paper can be either in English or Turkish. Conference registration will…