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Online audio recording tools

If you want to post an audio blog on the move or are desperate to record a voice track for a digital story, but don't have access to voice recording facilities on the computer you're using, here are three sites which will let you record audio via your phone: – The free package seems to offer plenty. You can use London voicemail number 0207 1002530 (UK, London number with very smarmy voice asking for account number) and VoIP. – Free. Two ways of making an audio file: uploading your own mp3 file and dialling a US phone number. There's podsafe music available for use too. – This is only free for seven days; it's 5-50 UDS/month thereafter. You can either phone in, use VoIP or upload a file you've recorded locally on your own computer.

The sites all have ways of publishing what you record as an audio blog. At first glance, Gabcast looks the most promising, because of that UK phone number. I haven't registered with any of these, so I don't know whether or not they have online audio editing tools. I haven't studied the terms and conditions either – I'd like to check where the ownership of the completed audio rests.

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