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News of three BBC media literacy projects

I’ve just been reading an info pack from BBC Learning Campaigns and these three items on the slate caught my eye:

1. My Story
Fifteen of the thousands of stories submitted will be showcased as five half-hour programmes, starting 7th Sept, 10.35pm, BBC One.

2. CBBC Me and My Movie
This fourth year, Me and My Movie – the film-making initiative from CBBC and Learning – is teaming up with Tate, Aardman, Fallon, BAFTA and Film Education to deliver the Tate Movie Project, an ambitious Legacy Trust initiative. Children aged 5-13 will supply the drawings, storylines, characters and everything else needed to create an animated video. BBC Learning will create teaching resources and will be in front of Tate Modern at the Thames Festival on 11th & 12th September, engaging children in art, film and animation. There will also be experts from BAFTA and CBBC to provide demos, tips and tricks.

3. First Click
First Click is a major BBC Learning campaign promoting the benefits of getting online to +55s and giving them a basic toolkit to use a computer and the internet.  First Click will signpost to a range of local and free computer/internet courses and free BBC events with one-to-one and peer support. The campaign is working closely with partners including libraries, Age UK, UK Online. Launches mid-October. There’s a BBC Wales TV documentary being made too and I’ll keep you update about progress with that.

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