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New website for BBCA: see many of their 800 digital stories – and a bouncing rabbit

On Facebook today, Natasha James, manager of Breaking Barriers Community Arts*, announced the launch of the organisation’s brand new website:


“We have a new website We’d love you to check it out and give some feedback as well as enjoy watching some stories.”

Apart from viewing digital stories and community videos, the website gives details of Training the Trainers workshops, talks about how they develop and manage both digital storytelling and video projects (including video examples of past projects).

There are insights into the storytellers, such as Conway Caswell was part of a group of stroke victims who met regularly. He graduated with a degree in English Literature later in life, but ill health stopped him being able to complete his Masters. This story gave Conway an outlet for his love of writing and he sent a copy to each of his brothers at Christmas.

* In the interests of full disclosure, I should say that I’m on BBCA’s board of directors.

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