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How to squeeze digital storytelling advice into a little Tweet.

I was asked a question on Twitter yesterday by @katycom1972:

@digitalst Would like to explore digital storytelling with my 2nd graders. Any tips on getting started? We use a MAC/Imovie 9. Thx! 

It’s incredibly difficult to fit any sensible advice into 140 characters. What I really wanted to say was:

  • it’s the story that’s the most important bit of the process; if you get a good story, a great digital story is within reach
  • working in an expertly-facilitated group or groups is a good way for individuals to bring out the best from their stories
  • the facilitator needs to prescribe a form. This helps people know what they’re making. E.g. 250 words, personal, using your own stuff
  • steering people away from generic subject like race, equality, ‘this great country of ours’ type themes and onto personal subject is a good idea
  • etc, etc, and I still haven’t moved into technical advice…

Because I had only 140 characters and because I didn’t have time to write this blog post and send @katycom1972 a link to it, this is what I ended up Tweeting:

@katycom1972 my advice: focus on individuals’ own stories – not big ‘issues’- and let them use their own ‘stuff’, not Googled images.

How would you advise Katy in 140 or fewer characters?

Alex from Culture Shock

Written and first published by Gareth Morlais on  6 May 2010.

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