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Digital Storytelling Pod Ep01-How to make a DS on iPad with Barrie Stephenson

This is the first episode of a new monthly audio podcast for digital storytellers: Digital Storytelling Pod with Gareth Morlais.

Podcast feed: Audio RSS (MP3) dspod-ep01.mp3

Barrie Stevenson of Digistories sums up his experiences of using iPad v2 to help people make digital stories. This interview was recorded in Aberystwyth, Wales, June 2011 when the version 2 of the iPad had not long been introduced in the UK.

Shownotes: links
Barrie Stephenson –
. Links to Barrie’s other projects can be found on this site.
DS6 –
iPad –

The next episode will feature Cheryl Colan.

The audio is released under Creative Commons license:
Creative Commons Licence
Digital Storytelling Pod Ep01 by Gareth Morlais is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


  • Kent Manning

    Well Gareth,

    You just made my Sunday with your interview with Barrie Stephenson.

    There is something special about hearing your voice and Mr. Stephenson’s voice as you have a conversation about digital storytelling and the iPad. For me, it certainly narrows the gap across an ocean! It was as if you were both at my kitchen table having a chat and I was sitting across the table listening. I look forward to your next episode.

    I agree with Mr. Stephenson’s ideas about getting digital stories out to the masses. As he mentioned, we can all find the good ones on-line with a little digging but many of the stories are scattered around the web. Perhaps a DS – Channel or something similar on a social media site is part of the answer. The best examples I’ve come across are the Capture Wales theme sorting, (family, place, etc.) and the similar search on the CDS site. There is something about sorting by theme that makes sense to me. I can always find an example or harvest some of the good ones for my purposes. Thanks for getting me thinking about it.

    I’ll be spreading the word about your podcast…

    All the best.


    • Gareth Morlais

      Thank you so much for your kind words Kent. I agree that Barrie put his finger on a great point when he suggested forming a digital storytelling channel, portal or show which would guide audiences from story to story. Curating or scheduling such a channel would be worthwhile but getting it started would take time and energy. Maybe someone reading these comments might like to start the ball rolling….?

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