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Digital storytelling in the cloud

The ideal solution for a touring digital storytelling project, using existing, available digilabs at community centres, libraries, schools, colleges, etc. would seem to be to use web-based editing applications. This would remove the need to install individual programs or to have carrier bags full of training handouts for different combinations of pre-installed software.

I’ve been discussing this recently with Umbrian home movies specialist Simona Bonini Baldini, who’s just returned home to Italy after spending the summer with us at the BBC here in Wales.  Simona too liked the idea of editing in the cloud. One of her must-haves though was the ability to help digital storytellers to make broadcast-quality videos. When Simona tested cloud-based video editing apps, she discovered the snag: uploading broadcast-quality moving-video rushes for a digilab-full of digital storytellers would take too long. Even at Standard Definition, not HD.

My hope though is that – as broadband speeds in Wales (and Italy) increase in future – all this will become practical someday. After all: every cloud has a silver lining.


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