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    Digital Storytelling Pod Ep02-Tamales and Stories with Cheryl Colan

    This is the second episode of the audio podcast for digital storytellers: Digital Storytelling Pod with Gareth Morlais. (See ep01 too). dspod-ep02.mp3 (Right-click and ‘Save Link As…’ if you’d like to save the audio mp3 file ‘Open Link in New Tab’ if you want to keep the shownotes open) Cheryl Colan is a digital storyteller and trainer from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I recorded this interview with Cheryl in Cardiff, Wales, July 2011. She was in the UK leading a Digital Storytelling summer school with Study Abroad Britain. She’s led digital training groups to Australia and her motto is Trust Your Story. Shownotes: links Cheryl Colan – http://hummingcrow.com Shelley Rodrigo –…

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    Premila Gamage, Sri Lankan Digital Storyteller

    It’s International Women’s Day today. This year’s theme centres on Empowering Rural Women. So today’s the day I want to talk about a digital storyteller I met in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in December 2011. Premila Gamage works at the Institute of Policy Studies, Colombo; in her spare time she’s taking the tools of digital storytelling to rural areas of Sri Lanka, encouraging people to tell their stories, publishing them online and helping people realise the dreams they outline in their stories. I’d been was introduced to Premila via email by Sarah Copeland who’d met Premila because they were both studying at Leeds Metropolitan University. So Premila and I made arrangements…

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    Learn how to shoot for the web and edit video archive mashups

    Welsh media trainers Cyfle have two tantalising training courses which are open for registration now: 1. Archive Mashup Learn how to mix diverse archive video clips and sounds. A part-time course beginning 26 March 2012 2. Shooting for the web Learn how to plan, script, shoot, edit and upload footage specifically for the web and mobile devices. Using Sony EX3 cameras, the trainer is Simon Walker. A three-day course from 12-14 March 2012 For details of course fees, application and selection process, go to Cyfle’s website. The courses are held in Wales.

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    Using your mobile phone as a digital storytelling tool

    My friend Bethan is planning a workshop to train artists and business people in using their mobile phones to tell stories about the work they do and she asked me for some ideas. I had a chat and then sent her these four links and I thought I’d share them with you here too: Vlog tutorial This short video tutorial is from one of the pioneering video blogging sites. Great tips from the Video Nation archive. Citizen media network Witness Video Advocacy offers craft and safety tips here. The old BBC Scotland digital storytelling project Highland Lives offered this valuable PDF document with useful tips on planning your shoot and…

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    Relato Digital Storytelling in Spain

    I heard today (via @jorech) about the International Conference on Digital Storytelling – Relato Digital Storytelling – at the University of Valentia, Spain, 21-23 March 2012. The main speakers are: Bernard Robin, University of Houston, USA, on the educational uses of digital storytelling Dr. Jose Luis Rodríguez Illera, Universitat de Barcelona Dra. Esperanza Roman-Mendoza, George Mason University There’s a wide range of applications of digital storytelling listed in the programme: from educational to cultural; from TEFL to tools. Registration for the conference and workshops costs 120 euro, rising by 20 euro next year, There’s a call for papers which includes many categories. The deadline for abstracts is 15 October 2011.

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    Developing the one-hour digital storytelling form, with a video example

    I’ve been piloting the one-hour digital storytelling form I want to present at the #storycamp get-together in Ludlow on Saturday (1 Oct 2011). (If the embedded video won’t play, here’s a link to it on blip.tv) Here are the ingredients: – one object you can hold in your hand which is related to a place that’s special to you. Two photos are taken: the first is a close-up of the object or photo itself; the second photo is of you holding it. – a personal story of fewer than 100 words or 45 seconds which you’ll record (tell or read) onto an mp3 file (via phone or voice recorder) –…

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    One-hour digital storytelling?

    Is there a form of digital storytelling that can give people a taste of what’s possible in just one hour? That’s the question Nicky Getgood and I wrestled with when we met earlier today. Nicky works with Talk About Local and edits the Digbeth is Good hyperlocal online site. The 1 October 2011 #Storycamp in Ludlow is what Nicky was inspired to organise after she attended DS6. Nicky and I began by looking back at the Capture Wales project, then we wondered about what kinds of video outputs might be produced at the Ludlow #Storycamp. The model we’re considering piloting consists of: – four images, including titles; – half a…

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    Rami Malkawi needs people to make a digital story with his new prototype

    Rami Malkawi is a Jordanian University of Glamorgan PhD researcher and he needs our help to try out his new wizard-based digital storytelling prototype for learning. The tool works on most computers that can have Adobe Air and Flash installed and is a step-by-step digital storytelling ‘machine’. The 30MB executable file is available from this SpeedyShare link or by clicking the link at the bottom of the first post of Rami’s blog. The tool’s wizard guides users through the Seven Elements of Digital Storytelling in a user-friendly way. Camtasia screen-capture software has been used to publish additional video tutorials on the blog. These guide users through the steps needed to…

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    Culture Shock! museums and galleries digital storytelling conference 29 Sept 2011

    It’s always a treat to hear about a brand new digital storytelling conference. And here’s some news of a new one one this autumn in the north-east of England. Culture Shock! is one of the biggest digital storytelling projects in the world. At the time of writing they’ve published 560 stories on their website and they’re holding a major conference at Live Theatre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, on Thursday 29 September 2011 – Culture Shock! 2011. The conference programme looks really interesting: Alex Henry, project co-ordinator at Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, talks about the Culture Shock! project itself; Barrie Stephenson of Digistories answers the question ‘What is digital storytelling?’; and there…

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    Cheryl Colan – Trust Your Story

    It’s thanks to Twitter that I met Cheryl Colan. I’d been following her tweets about #digitalstorytelling for a couple of years via @cherylcolan When I heard she was coming to teach digital storytelling in the UK with Study Abroad Britain, I invited her to Cardiff. I was impressed by Cheryl’s commitment to and love of digital stories. Here’s an audio clip of Cheryl describing a digital storytelling trip to Australia and New Zealand: Cheryl Colan (mp3) I recorded more audio with Cheryl. In the future, I’ll share a clip of Cheryl’s philosophy regarding seeking storytellers’ consents. I like her approach because it’s a beautifully nuanced one. Cheryl often travels with…