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Audio Storytelling Legacy Setup

Someone asked me this week about setting up and training people to run audio storytelling workshops on someone else’s equipment. It’s best to be prepared for the unexpected. The biggest challenge is often the fact that machines are ‘locked down’ by the administrator.

To work around potential permissions issues when working on computers in community cyber cafes, libraries and educational establishments, buy a dozen, fast, USB memory sticks. Paste some portable applications in one directory on the stick and make another directory for people to record their sound. There could be a third directory containing the ‘tutorial audio’ which everyone will use to learn to edit audio together. Then ask people to plug in this stick and use it instead of the PC’s hard drive.

It would be better to use M-Audio Microtrack recorders than mini-discs if the budget will stretch to that, because audio rushes can be dragged in file form faster than real time and time will be of the essence in your workshops.

Here’s a download link (click on ‘website’) are some instructions for setting up Audacity to work on a USB stick: or on a portable flash card via a card reader.

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