Who’s missing from this list of 43 Digital Storytelling Influencers?

As part of the process of redesigning this Aberth Digital Storytelling blog, I decided to look again at the links from the point of view of listing some of the digital storytelling people and projects who’ve influenced me over the years. Here’s the first draft. I know I’ve left many people off this list. If there’s someone from the field of digital storytelling you’d like me to consider adding, please use the Comments system to let me know.

Staff of National Library of Wales accepting the BBC Digital Storytelling archive for safe keeping
Staff of National Library of Wales accepting the BBC Digital Storytelling archive for safe keeping from Digital Storytellers Dai Evans, Rhian Cadwaladr and Alan Thomas at DS4 in 2009 in Aberystwyth, Wales.

19 thoughts on “Who’s missing from this list of 43 Digital Storytelling Influencers?”

  1. I saw this link on Twitter and of course I had to seem whom I was missing. I was honored and humbled to be on a list with people who have shaped my views on Digital Storytelling. Thank you so much.

    BTW, I’d add Jason Ohler.

  2. Thanks Jon and Nicole. I’ll look at Lynell’s work Nicole and of course Uni of Houston. Can’t believe I’d missed off Jason, especially as there’s a link to his book right below the Influencers’ list in the right-hand column. I’ll tweak links in coming days. Many thanks for feedback.

  3. I would add Leslie Rule (couldn’t find her on Twitter nor anything current on the web–Leslie, where are you?), Kevin Hodgson= @dogtrax , Alan Levine= @cogdog , Bryan Alexander= @BryanAlexander , and myself, Fred Mindlin= @fmindlin

    Cheers, Fred

  4. Thanks Fred and Clodagh for these suggestions. There are so many valuable suggestions like yours coming in. I’ll wait until the middle of next week before starting to research names that are new to me and revisiting others.

  5. Perhaps I can just add that Clodagh herself was the very first influencial figure in my entire doctoral study! And I don’t know if you are thinking of those linked in some way to DST in Wales, but can I also mention Nancy Thumim’s work. What a great list, thank you!

  6. Sarah, I’m definitely adding Clodagh. Nancy’s a good suggestion as I’ve found her insightful commentaries on the development of digital storytelling, set in the context of other ‘public goods’ to be revealing. Thanks for your comment. I’m going to leave the edits until next week as I’m at a party this weekend:-)

  7. I’ve just updated the list on the right hand side of every page in this blog to take on board some of the comments above. It’s still quite a personal list so I haven’t added every single suggestion; and not everyone suggested had a natural site to link to. So the 43 has grown now to a 52-card deck of cards. Thanks to Jon, Nicole, Fred, Clodagh and Sarah.

  8. Thanks so much for this very good idea which gives me and the others the opportunity to know more about the digital storytelling people and their projects.

    With my best wishes and regards.

  9. Are you making lists of companies/websites that play a role? LittleBirdTales.com was designed specifically for children, as a digital storytelling tool. Kids can upload pics/images or draw them with the art pad and then record their voice to each page and add text. Then they can share it with anyone via email. It’s being heavily used by teachers in the US right now and is giving children a fun, interactive way to learn the art of storytelling without realizing they’re learning.


    1. Thanks for this suggestion Aimee. this may fall just out of scope but it’s an interesting fun-sounding product nevertheless.

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