Digital Storytelling Influencers – an update

I posted this list of influential digital storytelling practitioners, projects and analysts earlier this year, and asked the question ‘who’s missing from this list of 43 digital storytelling influencers?’.

The latest (not final) list on the right hand side of every page in this blog takes on board some of the suggestions sent and comments people made. It’s still quite a personal list so I haven’t added every single suggestion; and not everyone suggested had a natural site to link to. So the 43 has grown now to a 52-card deck of cards. Thanks to Jon, Nicole, Fred, Clodagh and Sarah for their suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling Influencers – an update”

  1. Just wanted to say a big thank you Gareth for the effort you put into keeping abreast of things in the DS world and posting so many useful things on this great blog. I find it a really helpful reference tool. Nice write up of DS6 ! 🙂

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