Stories from the Sole at the Eisteddfod

I’ve been working at the National Eisteddfod in Wrexham all this week and there have been some nice digital inclusion stories here that I’ve come across…

Age Cymru have been doing some great work in encouraging older people who aren’t currently using computers or the internet to get an idea of how digital tools might be able to enhance their lives.



Merched y Wawr – a Welsh women’s organisation – had the fantastic idea of raising money by auctioning famous women’s shoes. They called the campaign Sodlau’n Siarad / Stories from the Sole. The lovely touch was the story the auctioneers told about each pair. At the auction last night I heard Heledd Cynwal telling stories about the shoes as the bidding warmed up. The fact that the donors attached a story to their stilletos, slingbacks or daps made the shoes more desirable and the total raised higher.